Bud Ragar
Ministry Director


My role at Grace is that of Family Pastor, as such I oversee all ministries to include our Children’s Ministry and our Youth Programing as well. I am also blessed to be in the Sunday Teaching Rotation, preaching God’s word to His people. My position also allows for me to assist Larry our Lead Pastor as needed.
Marianne and I have been married now for 30 plus years. We have 3 sons, two of whom are married both living out of state; as well as Justin our youngest who is a member here at Grace. We own a small homestead in Greenwood growing and preserving our own food. We also raise chickens for eggs and for meat as well as maintaining a small herd of dairy goats for milk and cheese. I love to hunt and we both fish both of which help fill our freezers and provide for others. We love to kayak, bike and camp spending as much time as we can in God’s awesome creation.
What I love most about serving here at Grace, is watching God bless His saints through the power of their prayers. It is a wonderful thing to watch and be part of a church that is being brought to new life and growing. As a pastor I find no greater joy then hearing someone say they feel at home here at Grace.