Ruth Thomas
Administrative Assistant
Admin Staff

My husband (Bud) and I are relatively new to the state of Delaware. We grew up and raised our family in Pennsylvania. But, in November of 2015 the Lord made it very clear that we should move to Delaware. The Lord lead us to Grace Seaford quickly. We started attending in the fall and by spring I was involved in two growth groups. This allowed me to grow in my faith and make wonderful friendships. I started as an administrative assistant the summer of 2019 and have enjoyed getting to know so many more of the congregation. The Lord has blessed me with wonderful friends and volunteers to work alongside here at Grace. My love for children drew me to Graceville children’s ministry where I teach the preschool class. I also had a wonderful experience at the G4 women’s retreat. The Lord has stretched me in this time of change, and I am very thankful to be a part of Grace Seaford.