Kevin Les Callette
Worship Director


As Worship Leader, it is my role to lead the "weekend experience" for our members and guests. From the parking lot, through the doors and into the sanctuary we want everyone to feel welcome. Once inside an atmosphere of family and worship is important and with all of our teams in this ministry we accomplish that with our greeters, our ushers and the worship service itself. The music from our praise band sets a tone that prepare our guests for a super message every week. We are balancing the traditional and the contemporary worship styles so that all who come to Grace will feel welcome and loved.

I am a fan of many music styles, Country being a big one and of course Contemporary Christian. I am married to a wonderful woman Ilsa who I met and fell in love with in May of 2014. Married in 2015, we have a blended family that includes 4 children, all teenage or older.

I was inspired to come to Grace after participating in a church revival. The church hosting it was in a rebuilding and energizing phase and had a mix of ages and backgrounds and was smaller than the church I was attending. I felt God tugging at my heart to go and make a difference and use my gifts to spread his word. Grace is a "family" that I felt I wanted to be part of and I am blessed to be able to serve.