Share His Road Event

“We’re all in this together” is a common phrase that reminds us we are not alone as we seek to adjust to a “new normal” due to the Covid-19 outbreak. There will be many people in our communities whose “new normal” will include significant hardships and they will need support from those who are willing to be “in this together” with them. Love INC of Mid-Delmarva is an ecumenical Christian ministry that seeks to create transformational relationships between individual Christians and churches with those who have various needs. The ongoing ministry of Love INC of Mid-Delmarva is dependent on support from churches and individuals both financially, and through the willingness of people to “Share the Road” with people in need. The Share His Road Event was designed to support the ministry of Love INC by helping to raise resources they need (both financial and relational) in the wake of Covid-19 so that they are in place when needed. For more information about Love INC of Mid-Delmarva, go to

How can you be involved?
1. Share HIS Road starting Sunday, May 31st . Join with fellow cyclists, runners, and walkers to
show your support of Love INC of Mid-Delmarva by going for a ride, run, or walk in your
neighborhood, city, or region. Due to Covid-19 safety recommendations, we will not be
gathering as a group but will be participating “in this together.”

Why May 31st  thru June  6th is the day Christians will remember Pentecost; the day the Holy
Spirit filled believers who had been waiting in an upper room, and empowered them to
go out and share Jesus boldly with others.

2. Register your participation and donate what you can to help support the ministry of Love INC of
Mid-Delmarva. 100% of all donations (minus credit processing fees) will go directly to Love INC
of Mid-Delmarva.

3. Give permission to share your information with Love INC Mid-Delmarva as a person who might
be willing to help as a volunteer with the ministry.

4. Pray. “Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to
the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”—Jeremiah 29:7 6th