The Heart of Grace

Our hearts are to see revitalization to small town churches in America.


We believe that people are designed for community and that healthy families are the best expression of community.


At Grace we believe that every person should be growing in their spiritual journey to be more like Jesus Christ.


At Grace we strive to learn how to give our time away in service to others, use our talents in a way that honors the unique way God has made each of us, and use our resources to impact those in need around us.


We encourage and equip people to go into their local community, their region, and into the far reaches of our world to impact people with the love that Christ has so feely shared with us.

Meet Our Team

Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor

Larry Davis

od brought Larry to Grace to lead this living church through a season of revitalization in order to reach a whole new generation of families in the Seaford Area.

Children's Director

Children's Director

Wendy Griffin

“I love working with children and their families. What a privilege and blessing it is to lead children to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, helping them grow in their understanding of God’s Word and His love for them. I am also looking forward to creating healthy collaborative relationships within the community that will positively impact children and their families.

Director of Discipleship

Director of Discipleship

Jake Moss

Jake is quite passionate about building and seeing relationships formed and cultivated inside and outside of the church. He believes that Jesus had a unique and relational approach to discipleship and hopes to see the church move in that direction.

Worship Director

Worship Director

Gwyneth Bradshaw

Gwyneth loves the people Grace Seaford because of their heart for loving their neighbors and loving God, and she is honored to serve with them weekly.

Our Values

We believe that Christ - like humility when applied to the Great Commission and Great Commandment forms a great church
Grace is a Gathering of families who are Growing to be like Jesus, Giving our lives away by Going into the world to share HIS love